No more money for the new jail!

The Dane County Jail project is already estimated to cost $220 million for our community and only promises to worsen the egregious racial segregation that exists in Dane County.  The costs continue to mount for the jail expansion project and now the Public Works committee must augment a $1 million contract to move existing infrastructure around the building site of the new jail.  The community has spoken and we will keep telling the County Board, no new jail!  Vote no on spending more money on a new jail.

When, where, and what

The Public Works & Transportation Committee of the Dane County Board will vote on this contract at their meeting on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 5:30pm.  The meeting will be held over zoom; you can register to speak at the meeting and email committee members in advance.

Three easy ways to take action

  1. Register to attend and comment at the meeting (3/23 at 5:30pm)
    • This is agenda item 2020 ACT-398.
    • Register to Oppose that item.
  2. Email written comments to committee members:
  3. Submit written comments to the meeting by emailing your written statement to

Stay involved

Join the Jail Abolition Coalition email list by clicking “join” on our Google Groups page.


Check out Madison DSA’s resources for writing your representatives about police and prison abolition.  The resource page includes easy steps for writing comments and finding information to support your statements to the board.

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