Benji Ramirez Declares Candidacy for Madison Common Council District 2

*Media Inquiries:*
Campaign Manager Tarah Stangler (she/they) or Benji Ramirez (they/them)
(608) 220-8449

“I am incredibly honored to announce my candidacy for Alder in District 2.”

The 2020 pandemic has critically exposed the lack of safety nets for Americans nationwide. Here in Madison, the community priority list for Coordinated Entry, the system for housing the homeless in Dane County, has grown to be hundreds long. Our neighbors are struggling.

“Never in our lifetimes have we come to realize how much we need our community and government to act, but the only ones who keep showing up for us are our community members. Not those who are supposed to work for and represent us. Of the most affected are BIPOC communities, swaths of people who have been neglected by elected officials for far too many years. Enough is enough. We are screaming for help to survive.”

Benji Ramirez understands that Madison needs a Common Council that will hold itself accountable to the most vulnerable. A Council that consists of the folks suffering the brunt of the economic turmoil.

Ramirez has lived in Madison their whole life; they have watched this city grow dramatically different from the one they remember growing up. They have watched their community get pushed further out of the city into the surrounding towns like Verona and Fitchburg through aggressive gentrification and lack of affordable housing.

“We need someone who will stand firm against incredibly inflated housing costs, who will listen to the community’s continued cry for help, who will address public safety at the root causes of the problem and bring power to the most vulnerable in our community.”

Ramirez is running because they love this city, our people, and our collective identity. They are running because they want to extend Madison’s honorable reputation as one of the most livable cities to its BIPOC communities.

“I will be happy to connect with any resident of Madison, but would like to hear directly from the people currently in district 2. Call or text me at (608) 220-8449 or email the address listed above.”


About Benji: Benji Ramirez Gomez (they/them/elle) works the front desk at YWCA Madison, has been a fierce activist since age nine, and is a member of the Madison Area DSA. Benji has served on the board of Eau Claire nonprofit Centro de Conexión and was instrumental in the development of the Latinx Cultural Center on UWEC’s campus.

Benji worked protest safety alongside Neon Guard throughout this summer’s uprising and is beloved and appreciated throughout the Latinx community in Madison including leadership from many Latinx & Black lead organizations.

A native to Madison’s Northside, Benji graduated from Waunakee High School, commuting from Superior St. right by Manna Cafe. Benji attended UW-Eau Claire, and volunteered with the Quetzaltrekkers-Xela before transferring to UW-Madison, but has paused their studies due to the pandemic.

They live in the James Madison Neighborhood, where they can often be found playing the ukulele for the setting sun and its admirers.